Nagykanizsa – Industrial Park (HIPA)

Honeywell has relocated and expanded its operations in Nagykanizsa and has signed a long-term lease contract for the complex manufacturing plant. INPARK completed a 10,935-square-meter facility in its 73 hectares industrial park right next to Motorway M7/E71 and Road 7. The building comprises 8,568 square meters of production and warehouse areas, as well as 2,367 square meters of office and social areas. The building has been developed to accommodate the manufacturing and warehousing activity of the tenant with the utmost flexibility to design work areas and rearrange them on demand, with the help of a strong primary electrical, IT and compressed air grid. The manufacturing area is temperature and humidity controlled. A part of the warehouse floor is suitable for VNA forklifts. INPARK’s Nagykanizsa development with Honeywell was recognized as the Best BTS Project at the 5th Annual CRE awards organized by